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Donovan to Perform Sunshine Superman at The Royal Albert Hall  //

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Donovan’s Sunshine Superman Concert at The Royal Albert Hall.

Havana Rocks!  //

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A vibrant rock music scene in Havana.

Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday  //

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Happy Birthday Bob Dylan.

Remembering Bob Marley  //

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30th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Passing

“When Art Reflects Life” Review of Carlotta Hester’s Govinda Exhibition  //

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New York’s weekly newspaper The Irish Voice published a story in it’s April 27th issue about Carlotta Hester’s exhibition of drawings from last summer’s All Ireland Music Festival. The Irish Voice’s Paul Keating wrote that “Hester reveals the very best about the people around us who do great things everyday”. We ran into Paul Keating […]

Ali and Elvis: American Icons  //

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Elvis at 21 Presentation at Michener Museum in Doylestown.

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