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“Beware of Mr. Baker”, Garland Jeffreys, and The Heat  //

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“Beware of Mr. Baker”, Garland Jeffreys at the Hamilton Live, and The Heat opening for Cream in 1989.

“Praise the Lord – I Saw the Light”  //

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Hank Williams in Montgomery, Alabama.

Richard Evans Schultes  //

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Govinda Gallery photographer Richard Evans Schultes.

“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”  //

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The Arts section of the New York Times started off the year with a bang, publishing a brilliant front-page story on photographer Henry Grossman and his remarkable photographs of the Beatles. The story is written by Allan Kozinn, who knows more about the Beatles amazing music than any other writer I know of. I was […]

Henry Grossman  //

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Govinda Gallery photographer Henry Grossman.

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