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Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll, Thursday, May 2nd at Taschen Beverly Hills  //

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Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll at Taschen Beverly Hills, May 2nd, 2013.

Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll  // Limited Edition

Elvis and the Birth of Rock & Roll
Exhibition Dates:  2013

Alfred Wertheimer’s Elvis & The Birth of Rock and Roll

J.F.K., Jacques Lowe, and Nancy Pelosi at the Newseum  //

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Creating Camelot opens at the Newseum April 11th, 2013. Nancy Pelosi attends.

Booker T., Joel Brodsky, and the White House  //

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Potatoe Hole, Booker T.’s album featuring Drive By Truckers and Neil Young (Anti Records). I’ve often thought that Booker T. and the MG’s might just be the great American band. Apart from their own music, they were the band for more hits than one can imagine for Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Aretha Franklin, Wilson […]

Roberto Salas, Legendary Cuban Photographer  //

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Cuban Photographer Roberto Salas.

Submarino Amarillo  //

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Submarino Amarillo and the John Lennon Park in Havana, Cuba.

Graffiti at Govinda, Graffiti in Havana  //

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Pump Me Up ends at the Corcoran April 7th, Graffiti at Govinda and in Havana, Cuba

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