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Bob Marley, David Burnett and George Harrison in 1976…Forty Years Ago  //

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The September issue of Mojo magazine has a cover story on Bob Marley in 1976, that features David Burnett’s photographs of the reggae superstar. It’s a compelling story as it describes the assassination attempt on Marley on December 3, 1976 at Marley’s home in Kingston, Jamaica. Burnett had photographed Marley at his home just a […]

Bruce Springsteen, Frank Stefanko, and Annie Leibovitz  //

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Today is the publication date for Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run. I was so pleased to see Bruce chose Frank Stefanko‘s wonderful photo, taken of him in Haddonfield, NJ during the winter of 1978, for the cover of his book. Govinda Gallery presented that photo in Frank Stefanko’s first exhibition, Days of Hope and […]

Sunshine Superman, Carnegie Hall, Jimmy Kimmel, John Lennon and Sappho  //

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If you haven’t had a chance to see Donovan’s beautiful Sapphograph exhibition at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, you still have time to do so. The exhibition’s last day is on Friday, October 21st. A wonderful overview of Donovan’s remarkable works on paper, including the 12-foot long “Sappho’s Song,” was written by […]

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