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Tom Hayden R.I.P…’SHOTS’  //

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Chicago 7 members hold a press conference immediately after being charged with contempt during their conspiracy trial. Tom Hayden is on the far right. Chicago, IL, April 8, 1969. © David Fenton. I heard the news Tuesday about activist, civil rights worker, author and California State Senator Tom Hayden passing on. It was an honor […]

Mick Rock…’Long Live Rock’!  //

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Lou Reed, London, 1972. © Mick Rock. I was delighted to see Mick Rock’s brilliant photo of Lou Reed on the cover of the November issue of Mojo magazine. That photo of Lou was used for the cover of his groundbreaking album, Transformer. It was also one of the featured large-format photographs in the traveling […]

Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature 2016  //

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Bob Dylan at his typewriter, Greenwich Village, New York City, 1964. © Ted Russell. Congratulations, Bob!

Green Day, Howard Stern, Donovan and The Malibooz  //

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Jon Pareles in The New York Times today wrote a review of Green Day’s new album, ‘Revolution Radio.’ In the review, he wrote that “Green Day’s music stays loyal to punk-rock’s defiant gusto…” Howard Stern did an amazing hour and a half interview with the band on his morning show yesterday and Green Day performed […]

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