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30th Anniversary of Andy Warhol’s Memorial Service  //

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Peter Wise, Chris Makos and Chris Murray entering St. Patrick’s Cathedral, April 1st, 1987. © Christophe von Hohenberg. Thirty years ago today a memorial mass was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Andy Warhol, who had passed on just about one month before the service. I was invited to the memorial and went with my […]

Bob Dylan’s First Album Released Fifty-Five Years Ago  //

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Bob Dylan playing harmonica, New York City, 1961. © Ted Russell. Fifty-five years ago on March 19th Bob Dylan’s first album was released, and yesterday I flew to Havana with Ted Russell’s photographs of Dylan for an exhibition at Cuba’s national photo gallery, Fototeca de Cuba. Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 opens in Havana on Friday […]

James Baldwin and Bob Dylan  //

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James Baldwin writing, Istanbul, Turkey, 1966. © Sedat Pakay. These two remarkable photographs taken in the ’60s of two of America’s great writers are inspiring. Ted Russell’s photograph of Bob Dylan is featured in his upcoming exhibition in Havana at Fototeca de Cuba, Cuba’s national gallery of photography, opening March 24th. Sedat Pakay’s photo of […]

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