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Bob Dylan, The Irish Times, and Ted Russell

by Chris Murray on February 4, 2016  |  1 Comment »

The Irish Times selected Ted Russell’s exhibition of photographs of Bob Dylan at the Gallery of Photography as the “Pick of the Week” for cultural activities in Dublin. Writer Laurence Mackin wrote a wonderful review of the show.


January 22, 2016

Picture 4Bob Dylan in Greenwich Village, NYC, 1964 © Ted Russell

Bob Dylan 1961-1964
Gallery of Photography
Temple Bar, Dublin

In the early 1960s, photographer Ted Russell embarked on the sort of photography project that used to fill the gorgeous pages of the likes of Life magazine.

Russell wanted to chronicle the trials and tribulations of an upcoming folk singer, and heard about a young firebrand setting the Village scene alight by the name of Bob Dylan.

At this stage Dylan was just 20 and an unknown, and from 1961 to 1964 Russell built up a collection of images that catalogue Dylan’s rise and rise. There are shots backstage at various NYC folk clubs, images with writer and social activist James Baldwin, pictures in his apartment with girlfriend Suze Rotolo, and fresh looking images of Dylan out roaming the canyons of Manhattan.

From now until February 21st, these images make up a gem of an exhibition at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin’s Temple Bar, and the fine art publisher Rizzoli has produced a lush hardback book, featuring a foreword (forepoem would be more accurate) from Donovan, as well as essays by Ted Russell and Chris Murray, founder of Govinda Gallery, which represents some of the world’s best music photographers.

Fans will no doubt be delighted with the insight into Dylan’s early days, when worlds of possibility were opening up for the young singer. For others, it’s an absorbing look at one of the pivotal moments in NYC’s history.

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The Washington Post review of Donovan’s Sapphograph exhibition by Mark Jenkins

by Chris Murray on February 3, 2016  |  Leave a Comment »

Mark Jenkins wrote a compelling and in-depth review of Donovan’s exhibition of his Sapphographs now on view at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C. We present that review in its entirety here. The exhibition is a remarkable one as is the gallery at the Center for Hellenic Studies. The exhibition continues through March 31.
Supplication I © Donovan Supplication © Donovan

From ‘Mellow Yellow’ to black and white

By Mark Jenkins
January 20, 2016

With their simplified images and large expanses of white, the “Sapphographs” on display at the Center for Hellenic Studies have a pop-art blankness. But these high-contrast pieces, based on photos made in the late ’90s, are loaded with associations for their maker, veteran folk-rocker Donovan.

The pictures are named for Sappho, the 7th-century-B.C. poet whose identity also is largely blank. Little is known about her life, and only fragments of all but one of her poems exist today. (The bard’s name — probably pronounced “Psap-foh” in her time — is the source of the word “sapphic,” and her home island, Lesbos, yielded the term “lesbian.” But her sexuality is a matter of conjecture.)

To Donovan, 69, who was born in Scotland and now lives in Ireland, Sappho’s poetry is linked to his own Celtic tradition. It also represents a golden age when all the arts were entwined. In ancient Greece, “poetry, music and drama were one,” the musician said while leading a recent tour of his artwork at the center’s secluded campus a few blocks off Embassy Row in Northwest Washington.

Sappho’s verse was revered in the ancient world and seems to have been widely known. Bits of it continue to turn up in such unexpected places as the paper wrapping on mummies. “It’s very pop,” said Donovan, who noted that ancient bards sang their verse and that Sappho probably played a small harp.

The singer-songwriter did his bit to make Sappho pop by recording the song “Be Mine,” whose lyrics were adapted from the poet’s, for his 1996 album, “Sutras.” Inspired by that experience, he began the experiments that led to the Sapphographs. (The word “lyric,” by the way, derives from the lyre, another Greek stringed instrument.)

Donovan had sojourned off and on in rural Greece, whose sunshine, solitude and bardic tradition inspired him, for decades before starting his Sapphographs. He was lying low there in 1966, after a marijuana bust that he says was a setup, when he learned that his “Sunshine Superman” was a No. 1 hit. But the light-blasted Sapphographs are a result of the California sun.

The singer rented an unfurnished 1940s mansion in Zuma Beach for a photo shoot. “It was nothing but white space and pure light,” he recalled. Using a Rolleiflex film camera and natural light, he began making pictures of his wife, Linda, his daughter Oriole and her friend Lizzie. He asked them to “dress as if it was a Greek play in 1928,” with flowing white robes and white makeup reminiscent of silent films. Later, he also photographed his daughter Astrella and grandson Sebastian, then a young boy but now old enough to be his grandfather’s tour manager.

Sappho's Song © Donovan Sappho’s Song © Donovan

His inspirations were mostly classical myth and art, and included the near-translucent whiteness of ancient marble statuary. But Donovan also was influenced by Man Ray’s Rayographs, made by placing objects directly on photographic paper, and by Cindy Sherman’s elaborately posed stills from movies that don’t actually exist.

This is most clear from such theatrically posed pictures as “The Supplication,” which looks less like 1928 than the late 1960s, the period of Donovan’s greatest visibility. People have imagined Sappho as many people, so why not as the leader of a hippie mime troupe?

To boost contrast, the musician-photographer experimented with Xerox machines. He wondered, “Can we black the blacks and white the whites? And keep doing it until something disappears?”

That quest led Donovan, ultimately, to Washington. A longtime friend, Govinda Gallery’s Chris Murray, introduced him to local fine-art printmaker David Adamson, who was able to produce the desired deep blacks and hot whites, and on a large scale.

Size is certainly part of the power of these stark images, especially “Sappho’s Song.” The 12-foot-wide picture is mostly a black mane, streaming back from a small face. It suggests a storm, a torrent or even a Medusa-like mass of writhing snakes.

But perhaps the swirling black represents a sound, a possibility suggested by the other element in the composition: a string of alphas and omegas that emanates from the woman’s mouth. Since they begin and end the Greek alphabet, the two letters are often used to symbolize birth and death, commencement and culmination. They also can be seen, or heard, as musical: a primal ah-oh-ah-oh chant.

In another crypto-portrait of a woman whose face is lost to time, the poet’s eyes look left, in the direction of a scrap of text. It’s a morsel, and all that survives, of a Sappho poem. “Sapphographs” is the product of many enthusiasms, but first and foremost the ancient words.

Sappho's Drum © Donovan Sappho’s Drum © Donovan

If you go

Donovan’s Sapphographs

The Center for Hellenic Studies, 3100 Whitehaven St. NW.

Dates: Weekdays 10 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4 p.m. through March 31.

Prices: Free.

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Chris Murray and Carlotta Hester: Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 + The Pure Drop

by Chris Murray on February 2, 2016  |  5 Comments »

I just returned from the opening of Ted Russell’s photographs of Bob Dylan at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin as well as the opening of Carlotta Hester’s exhibition of drawings of traditional Irish musical artists. Both exhibitions looked amazing and were greeted with great enthusiasm from the excellent crowd that attended the opening reception. The Gallery of Photography made a short introductory video about both exhibitions which I hope you enjoy.

Chris Murray and Carlotta Hester : Bob Dylan NYC 1961-64 + The Pure Drop from on Vimeo.

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David Bowie – Where Are We Now?

by Chris Murray on January 12, 2016  |  8 Comments »

I was born the same year as David Bowie. His latest and last album, Blackstar, with its themes of love, death, and resurrection blew me away. His video for the song “Lazarus,” a deeply moving statement on mortality as well as a farewell to fans and friends, is particularly poignant. It is heart-wrenching, and has been viewed since the album’s release on his birthday last week over 17 million times. A visual artist as well as a musical artist, David Bowie’s videos have always been compelling. Being the same vintage as David Bowie his song and video “Where Are We Now?” from his last album in 2013 The Next Day brought me to tears. It is so tender a love song and video that it evokes an almost unbearable aching of the heart.

BowieGreenScreens_NewYork2002©MickRockDavid Bowie, Green Screens 2002 © Mick Rock

I was fortunate to celebrate David Bowie’s artistry at Govinda Gallery through the photographs and films of the musical artist’s longtime friend and photographer Mick Rock. I presented Mick’s first exhibition of his photographs Mick Rock: A Photographic Record at Govinda Gallery in the spring of 1999. That exhibition’s invitation card featured his masterpiece portrait of Ziggy Stardust from the Saxophone sessions shoot on the front of the card.

In 2002 I also presented Mick Rock’s second exhibition which featured exclusively his photographs of David Bowie and was also a launch for Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust, the collaboration between Bowie and Rock in the form of a stunning limited edition book from Genesis Publications in England. It was a spectacular exhibition and a spectacular book.

Picture 1David Bowie and Mick Ronson © Mick Rock

Mick Rock’s photographs were also featured in the traveling museum exhibition organized by Govinda Gallery with the Columbus Museum, Sound & Vision: Monumental Rock and Roll Photography in 2012. It was a pleasure for me to curate that exhibition and The Columbus Museum selected Mick Rock’s stunning portrait of Ziggy Stardust as the signature piece for the exhibition featured on its invitation, brochure, and museum billboard. That large scale photograph is now part of the collection of The Columbus Museum. Govinda Gallery continues to represent Mick Rock’s images of David Bowie along with his other extraordinary photographs.

MR-bowieDavid Bowie, Saxophone Session © Mick Rock

Mick Rock recently collaborated with David Bowie on a book for the celebrated publisher Taschen that has been just recently released. I edited and wrote for Taschen’s book Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll featuring Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs and was so pleased when Mick told me last year that the Elvis book was shown to him and David Bowie as an example of how a great book of photos of a musical artist can look. David Bowie loved and was influenced by Elvis Presley.

20ad0a23da_78275179_o2Self portrait. Mick Rock and Lady Gaga, 2008

Thanks to David Bowie for his brave artistry. He was a rebel and a poet and his legacy will be with us for a long time to come. And thank you to my dear friend Mick Rock for sharing his stories, photographs, films, and words about David Bowie with me.

“As long as there’s ME
As long as there’s YOU”

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I’m cautiously optimistic.

by Chris Murray on December 31, 2015  |  1 Comment »

Picture 2© Carl Nicholas Titolo

A great highlight of the year for me was collaborating with comedian, actor, and author Richard Lewis on his book Reflections From Hell, with images by the artist Carl Titolo. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much in a year as I did in 2015 and that was because of all of my conversations with the comedic genius that Richard surely is. This ‘reflection’ of Richard’s on this post from The Back Room starts off his book and is a good one for the new year.

Published by powerHouse Books, Reflections From Hell: Richard Lewis’ Guide on How Not to Live, which includes a foreword by Larry David, is available through Amazon or your bookstore.

Happy New Year

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A John Waters’ Christmas

by Chris Murray on December 23, 2015  |  1 Comment »

FullSizeRenderChris Murray presenting to John Waters the Taschen book Murray edited, Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll featuring Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs, backstage after Waters’ spoken word performance at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA © Carlotta Hester

On Monday night I went to see A John Waters’ Christmas: Holier and Dirtier at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. It’s my fifth Christmas in a row going to see John’s remarkable and hilarious spoken word performance. It’s a tradition for me now and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without seeing John during the holiday season. John Waters is one of the most creative and talented people I know. I met him at photographer extraordinaire Greg Gorman’s first exhibition at Govinda Gallery. Along with being a renowned filmmaker and author, John is a comedic genius.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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A Day of Poetry and more… SapphoFest 2015

by Chris Murray on December 22, 2015  |  2 Comments »

KAP_SapphoFest-106-2Performance artist Iris Nikolaou with musician and singer Panayotis League ‘jamming’ on the front steps of the Center for Hellenic Studies after the opening reception for Donovan’s Sapphograph exhibition © Kevin Allen

No we’re not in Greece in this photo, but in Washington, D.C. on the front steps of Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Panayotis League has just met Iris Nikolaou in advance of their performances to kick off the second day of SapphoFest 2015 on December 12. Enjoy the rest of these photos featuring music and song, a compelling theatrical piece, and concluding with a poetry reading featuring music and song performances by Donovan, Fabiana Avila, and George Wallace.

KAP_SapphoFest-109Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies director Greg Nagy introducing the CHS ‘diva’ Lanah Koelle © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-121Lanah Koelle singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Lanah’s performance featured a selection of classic songs reflecting themes in Sappho’s poetry © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-125Panayotis League performing before a standing room only crowd for SapphoFest 2015 © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-145 Performance artist Iris Nikolaou preparing the stage for the performance piece Sappho Fragments © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-141Charis Pechlivanidis operating the videos for the Sappho Fragments performance piece © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-152Sappho Fragments directed by Kornilia Vasileadou, performed by Iris Nikolaou with video by Charis Pechlivanidis © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-161Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray introducing the three poets for the poetry reading © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-170Poet George Wallace © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-166Poet Fabiana Avila © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-176Poet Donovan © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-190Donovan about to sing “Be Mine” that he composed from Sappho’s fragments with his guitar, Atalanta © Kevin Allen

KAP_SapphoFest-178Laszlo, Greg, and Holly Nagy enjoying a Day of Poetry with PBS News Hour anchor Jeffery Brown © Kevin Allen

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Gala Reception for “Donovan: Sapphographs” Exhibition at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington

by Chris Murray on December 18, 2015  |  6 Comments »


It was a beautiful evening last Friday for the opening of Donovan: Sapphographs at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C., organized with Govinda Gallery. The gallery at the Center for Hellenic Studies library looked stunning and everyone had a grand time. It was a brilliant launch for SapphoFest 2015. Enjoy these photos from that magical evening.

KAP_SapphoFest-069Reggae superstar Junior Marvin, Donovan, Rick Cady from Hamilton Live, and his wife Tasha at the exhibition launch. © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-058 Artist Carlotta Hester with Susan Colwell © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-046JW Mahoney enjoying Donovan’s “Agape” with Zoie Lafis © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-031Wonderful refreshments were served at the opening festivities © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-028Guests enjoying “The Youth…Who Fondly Sits By Thee” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-025Sapphograph collectors Bruce and Leslye Kogod in front of “Sappho’s Song” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-022Junior Marvin with Govinda Girl Vivienne Foster and musician Stephen Parsons © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-013George Wallace, Fabiana Avila, and Donovan, the three poets featured in the “Day of Poetry” following the day of the opening © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-099Shelly Bounds, Zoie Lafis, Chris Murray, Allie Marbry, and Ruth Taylor © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-088Beth Masri, Olivia Masri, and Allie Marbry enjoying the exhibition © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-084Legendary DJ Cerphe Colwell with art collector and Donovan fan Robert Lehrman © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-048Govinda Gallery’s David Murray greets his friend Junior Marvin © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-047Art collectors and Donovan fans Bonnie and Jeff Bowman with Carlotta Hester © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-038Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray with Center for Hellenic Studies director Greg Nagy in front of “Sappho” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-032Paul Richard enjoying artist Howard Carr’s new artwork “Hercules Balls,” inspired by SapphoFest 2015. Paul Richard reviewed Howard Carr’s first exhibition at Govinda Gallery for the Washington Post in 1978 © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-023Center for Hellenic Studies Director of Fellowships Kenny Morrell and Director of Publications and Content Development Lenny Muellner with his wife Mimie in front of “Sappho’s Drum” © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-020David Elmer from Harvard University’s Department of Classics, his wife Bonnie Talbert, lecturer and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University, and Greg Nagy.

KAP_SapphoFest-011-2Washington Performing Arts Director Jenny Bilfield with Donovan and his muse and wife Linda © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-007Exhibits Development Group’s Susan Norton and her husband Brad with Carlotta Hester © Kevin Allen.

IMG_2382The scene before Donovan’s performance with his guitar “Atalanta” © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_2476Susan Styles, Chris Murray, and collector Don Mcilvaine © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_2479Sculptor John Dryfuss with Freer and Sackler curator of contemporary art Carol Huh with their friend Donovan © Carlotta Hester.
KAP_SapphoFest-074Greg Nagy and Zoie Lafis introduce Donovan © Kevin Allen.

KAP_SapphoFest-076Donovan about to debut his new song “Graceful Grove” based on Sappho’s fragments © Carlotta Hester.

FullSizeRenderExhibition curators Zoie Lafis and Chris Murray relax with Donovan after his performance © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_2375Govinda Gallery’s Chris Murray with benefactor and a founder of the Center for Hellenic Studies Paul Mellon © Carlotta Hester.

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Donovan joins Emmylous Harris and Rodney Crowell at Hamilton Live for Boneparte’s Retreat

by Chris Murray on December 14, 2015  |  4 Comments »

History was made when Donovan met Emmylou Harris on stage last night with Rodney Crowell at Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C. at a concert to benefit Emmylou’s charity Bonaparte’s Retreat, “to rescue shelter dogs and adopt them into forever homes.” Donovan made a surprise guest appearance at the concert and sang two of his hits “Catch the Wind” and “Colors.” When Donovan left the stage I heard a concert-goer nearby say “That was really cool!” Emmylou and Rodney put on a great show and with Hamilton Live as partners raised important funds in support of Bonaparte’s Retreat.

Donovan performs at Hamilton Live tonight in a solo concert of songs and stories celebrating his 50th anniversary as a musical artist. His exhibition, Donovan:Sapphographs, which opened last Friday night at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C., continues through March 31.
FullSizeRenderEmmylou Harris introducing Donovan on stage at Hamilton Live, with Rodney Crowell in the background © Carlotta Hester/Govinda Gallery Archive.
FullSizeRenderConcert poster for Emmylou’s show at Hamilton Live © Carlotta Hester/Govinda Gallery Archive.

FullSizeRenderDonovan acknowledging applause from the sold out crowd after Emmylou’s introduction © Carlotta Hester/Govinda Gallery Archive.

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Donovan, The Flaming Lips, and Miley Cyrus

by Chris Murray on December 10, 2015  |  Leave a Comment »

Today the New York Times published a story about the collaboration between The Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus. Just released is Gazing with Tranquility: A Tribute to Donovan which features the Flaming Lips’ version of Donovan’s classic hit “Atlantis.” I just heard Gazing with Tranquility and The Flaming Lips cover of Atlantis is terrific.


This Saturday, December 12, Sapphofest 2015 begins featuring Donovan’s Sapphograph exhibition as well as a ‘day of poetry’ with readings by poets Donovan, Fabiana Avila, and George Wallace. Here is a link to those details.

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