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Financial Times Story on Collecting Music Photography and Govinda Gallery

by Chris Murray on November 19, 2014  |  2 Comments »


15 November/16 November 2014

Cool and collected

Rock photography: How images of pop stars have gone from bedroom walls to sale rooms.

By Melanie Abrams


James Brown by Claude Gassian

Music photographs—images that would once ripped out of magazines and stuck on teenage bedroom walls—have become increasingly collectable.

Take Gered Mankowitz’s portrait of Jimi Hendrix, which nearly doubled in price from £5,367 to £9,781 between November 2015 and May 2014. Or Annie Leibovitz’s 1980 photograph of a naked John Lennon curled against a black-clad Yoko Ono. Selling for $350 in 1984 at Washington’s Govinda Gallery, the image fetched £15,420 at Sotheby’s New York in February 2013.

While music photographs have often achieved cult status—and the occasional high price—the success of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s David Bowie exhibition in 2013 and allusions to rock from the 1970s in recent catwalk shows have fueled today’s collecting boom.


Mick Jagger by Claude Gassian

“In this rampant consumerism and technology age, everyone enjoys the idea of decay and simplicity of the [1970s],” says Blondie guitarist Chris Stein, whose intimate photographs of the band during that era are on show at Somerset House in London.

Simone Klein, director of photography at Sotheby’s Paris, says: “Photographs of celebrities are increasingly important in today’s celebrity-obsessed world. And rock stars from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s are the big heroes, so they are becoming more important in galleries and auctions.” Sotheby’s Paris has a Rolling Stone front cover of Keith Richards by Sante d’Orazio (est €4,000-€6,000) in a sale this month, alongside photographs by Andreas Gursky, August Sander, and others.

Famous collectors include Tom Hanks, who seeks out Beatles photographs, Microsoft’s Paul Allen, who prefers Hendrix; Steve Jobs, the late cofounder of Apple, used to collect Bob Dylan images, according to Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery.

Other musicians are selling their personal photographs. Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac has just shown her Polaroid of self-portraits at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York, while Chris Dreja from the Yardbirds will display his images from the band’s studio sessions at Snap Galleries in London from next February. “Famous names don’t mean they have merit but they have an insight that others don’t, which makes them collectable,” says Guy White, Snap Galleries’ director.

Museum exhibitions—such as Brooklyn Museum’s Who Shot Rock & Roll in 2009—have upped the ante, says Bob Gruen, whose photographs of Lennon, Led Zeppelin, and Sid Vicious came to Londonewcastle Project Space last month. “There’s more recognition that it’s not just a photo of a pop star but how the photograph affects people,” he says.

Good news is that prices are still relatively low. “With a budget of £500 to £5,000 I can have a good piece of pop art,” says London property developer Robert Soning, who collects photographs of Bowie, the Sex Pistols, and Bob Marley, as well as prints by Damien Hirst and works by Banksy. Consider Gruen’s famous image of Lennon in a New York City T-shirt at the Londonewcastle space, founded by Soning: it was on sale for £950.

As the market grows, rare images are becoming available. A complete set of photos for the Beatles’ Abbey Road album (est £50,000-£70,000) will be on sale at Bloomsbury Auctions on November 21. The pictures are by Iain Macmillan, who died in 2006. Macmillan’s work is hard to find in general. “Only a finite number were produced and he only did editions of 25,” says Sarah Wheeler, Bloomsbury’s head of photographs.


Debbie Harry by Chris Stein

For Jeffrey Deitch, who curated September’s Blondie show at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery, music photographs have become more collectable as the distinction between art forms blurs. “Even the work of the Velvet Underground is thought of as contemporary art today. I am interested in Blondie and their pictures as much as Cindy Sherman,” says Deitch.

Kevin Cummins, who has photographed Joy Division, Oasis, and New Order among others, believes musicians make stronger subjects than, say, film stars. Take his edgy Manic Street Preachers’ images (at Proud Camden uneil January 11, 2015), which documents the band on stage, in the studio, and on tour. “Musicians are themselves, whereas film stars are pretending to be someone else,” he says. “You can’t just turn up to a film set and do backstage shots, which you can with music. So there is more of an art to music photography because of the access and intimacy.”


John Lee Hooker by Claude Gassian

Images of the Rolling Stones are said to be among the bestsellers. “It’s the cool feeling and groovy image they transmit. Rebellion, rock, beauty, talent, ‘70s—success sells,” says Arnaud Adida, founder of A Galarie, whose Brussels space is showing Claude Gassian’s Rolling Stones’ portfolio alongside his striking images of younger stars such as Beth Ditto and Daft Punk (from €2,200). Lady Gaga, with her distinctive style and huge fan base (she has 42.7m Twitter followers), is considered by some to be today’s star to collect.

Canny choices are crucial. Buy album covers or a quirky shot such as Bob Willoughby’s playful image of the Beatles having a pillow fight. Unique works are also to be found. New York based entrepreneur Chris Jonns has a signed image of “David Bowie—Saxophone Session” by Mick Rock, which he bought for $15,000 eight years ago. “It will only ever accrue in value as Bowie hardly signs anything,” he says.

The internet is also playing a role in the rise of music photography’s collectability, with long unseen images now coming to light, says Rock, whose casual snaps of Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust days—sleeping, having lunch or smoking before going on stage—are unveiled for the first time at Gothenburg’s Auktionsverket Kulturarena next week.

As a Stockholm-based art collector who collects the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan concludes: “Music artists will always have value because new generations will always listen to the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix.”

Alfred Wertheimer’s Obituary in The New York Times

by Chris Murray on October 31, 2014  |  1 Comment »

The New York Times published a fine obituary on Alfred Wertheimer after his passing on October 19 written by William Yardley.  We present it here in full.  I’ve also included below three quotes from three people who loved Alfred Wertheimer’s beautiful photographs.

“There has been no other photographer that Elvis ever allowed to get as up close and personal in his life through photos as he did with Alfred. I’m deeply saddened by the death of Alfred Wertheimer. He was a dear friend and special soul. I feel he was a gift for all who knew him especially, Elvis Presley.”- Priscilla Presley

“Al was the first great rock & roll photographer, setting the bar that everyone else with a camera and a love of the music would have to aspire to.” -Bob Santelli, Director, The Grammy Museum

“…he lived a full life and will continue to bring joy to the walls of my house for the rest of my life and on.” – Nathan Followill, drummer, Kings of Leon



Alfred Wertheimer, Early Photographer of Elvis Presley, Dies at 84

By William Yardley

October 24, 2014

alfred wertheimer govinda gallery

Photograph by Tim Mantoani

Alfred Wertheimer, a photographer who for a few fleeting days in 1956 captured strikingly intimate images of a 21-year-old Elvis Presley just as he was becoming a rock ’n’ roll sensation — pictures that remained all but forgotten until the 1990s — died on Sunday at his home in Manhattan. He was 84.

His niece Pam Wertheimer confirmed the death.

Mr. Wertheimer was 26 and had not been a professional photographer for long when he got a call from RCA Victor Records asking him to take publicity shots of one of its new artists, a young Southerner making his first television appearance, on the Dorsey Brothers’ “Stage Show” on CBS. It was March 1956, and Presley had just one big hit, “Heartbreak Hotel.” Mr. Wertheimer had never heard of him.

Nearly 60 years later, the black-and-white pictures Mr. Wertheimer made over a total of about 10 days — at “Stage Show,” in a New York recording studio, in Richmond, Va., and at home with Presley in Tennessee — have become a compelling and revealing part of the vast visual record of rock ’n’ roll’s first superstar.

Mr. Wertheimer photographed Presley shaving, sleeping on a train, recording “Hound Dog” and “Don’t Be Cruel” and devilishly touching tongues backstage with what the photographer called his “date of the day.”

“He permitted closeness,” Mr. Wertheimer said in an interview in 2010 on the occasion of an exhibition of his work at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery. “Without that I wouldn’t have gotten my intimate photographs. With Elvis, you could get within three feet.”

He added: “He really acted himself. He was the best director of his own life, and I couldn’t have done better if I tried.”

Of the more than 2,500 images Mr. Wertheimer made of Presley, most in 1956, only a handful were posed.

The pictures were largely forgotten after the 1950s, other than a surge of interest after Presley’s death in 1977. But they found new life in the 1990s, when Chris Murray, the owner of the Govinda Gallery in Washington, which specializes in rock-related art, tracked Mr. Wertheimer down.

Over the next two decades Mr. Murray exhibited many of the photographs, edited book collections of them and worked with the Smithsonian on “Elvis at 21, Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer,” a traveling exhibition that opened at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in January 2010 and made more than a dozen stops. It closed in March, at Australia’s National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

govinda gallery elis alfred wertheimer

“He got lucky,” Pam Wertheimer said of her uncle’s encounter with the emerging Presley. “He got there right when he was still a human being.”

Mr. Wertheimer was born on Nov. 16, 1929, in Coburg, Germany, the younger of two sons of Julius and Katy Wertheimer. His father was a butcher; his mother, a milliner. The family moved to New York in 1936 to escape the Nazi persecution of Jews.

He graduated from Haaren High School in 1947 and from Cooper Union’s School of Art in Manhattan in 1951, with a degree in advertising design. He took pictures for the Cooper Union newspaper using a camera given to him by his older brother, Henry.

Mr. Wertheimer entered the Army in 1952 and was made an Army photographer. He was stationed for a time near Heidelberg, Germany.

By 1954, he was out of the Army and back in New York, working for the fashion photographer Tom Palumbo and then freelancing. In addition to Presley, he photographed Perry Como, Arthur Rubinstein, Lena Horne, Nelson Eddy and others for the RCA label.

No immediate family members survive. Besides his niece Pam, he is survived by another niece, Heidi Wohlfeld.

In the 1960s, Mr. Wertheimer worked as a cinematographer — he was one of the cameramen who shot the documentary “Woodstock” — and moved into film editing as well. But in recent years he devoted his time to selling prints of his pictures and appearing at exhibitions and Presley conferences. More than 70 of his images are included in the book “Elvis, 1956,” which accompanied the Smithsonian exhibition.

“A collection can be in your basement and nobody’s interested,” he said in 2010, “and the next thing you know, somebody gets interested.”

Mr. Wertheimer had memories stored away as well. He recalled Presley once listening attentively as advisers explained that he needed to stop his provocative gyrating during television performances, to avoid offending parents of the teenage girls who screamed for him.

“And then,” Mr. Wertheimer said, “when he got onstage, when he had access to that six minutes of glory, singing two songs, he just did what he wanted to.”


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Alfred Wertheimer 1929-2014

by Chris Murray on October 22, 2014  |  3 Comments »

Copyright © Angelo Pacella. All Rights Reserved.

It is with the deepest of feelings that we remember Alfred Wertheimer. His beautiful photographs of Elvis Presley are the ‘rock of ages’ of images of Elvis Presley, or of any musical artists for that matter. They are simply the greatest photographs of the greatest rocker of all time.

Moreover, Alfred Wertheimer himself was a person of the best qualities we admire in an individual… thoughtful, imaginative, truthful, clever, supportive, tender, magnanimous, funny, talented, loving, and a true friend.

Alfred and Elvis may have both ‘left the building,’ but their legacy of artistry will be with us forever.

Thank you, once again, dear Alfred.

There will be a service for Alfred Wertheimer in New York City on Friday, October 24 at the Plaza Jewish Community Chapel at 630 Amsterdam Ave. at 91st Street. Family will be receiving visitors starting at noon and the service will begin at 1:00 p.m.

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The Georgetowner, Muhammad Ali, and Govinda

by Chris Murray on October 15, 2014  |  5 Comments »

Muhammad Ali at Govinda Gallery performing a magic trick for the Govinda Girls and gallery director Chris Murray, as photographer Howard Bingham signs a copy of his book Muhammad Ali: A Thirty Year Journey, September 21, 1995. Copyright © Chester Simpson. All Rights Reserved.

Last weekend The Georgetowner newspaper celebrated its 60th anniversary. Publisher Sonya Bernhardt hosted a reception on the roof of Capella in Georgetown where guests enjoyed the rise of a spectacular Harvest Moon. The Georgetowner published a special 60th anniversary edition (Vol. 61 No. 1) and legendary editor-in-chief for 42 years, David Roffman, wrote a piece called “My Moments for 60 Years” describing his top moments in Georgetown. Govinda Gallery is honored to be among them as Roffman writes that one of his all-time highlights is “Meeting Muhammad Ali at Chris Murray’s Govinda Gallery”. Govinda hosted an exhibition of Howard Bingham’s photographs of Muhanmmad Ali to celebrate Govinda’s 20th anniversary. In 1995 Ali attended the opening and stayed for over three hours signing autographs and greeting everyone who came to say hello to him, generally causing unbelievable delight and love in the packed gallery and out on the street. Next year is Govinda Gallery’s 40th anniversary in the fine art and book business. Ali’s visit to Govinda Gallery will never be forgotten. Govinda salutes The Georgetowner!

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Happy Birthday John Lennon

by Chris Murray on October 8, 2014  |  3 Comments »

John Lennon Govinda Gallery SchelerJohn Lennon, Hamburg, Germany 1960. Copyright © Astrid Kirchherr. All Rights Reserved.

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William Coupon, The United Nations, and Rolling Stone

by Chris Murray on September 25, 2014  |  2 Comments »

UN walls Coupon

UN walls Coupon2Projection installation September 20, 2014, United Nations headquarters New York City.

There has been a lot of attention to William Coupon’s photographs recently. The extraordinary projection installation on the United Nations headquarters by Obscura Digital and the Oceanic Preservation Society featured Coupon’s portraits of people from all cultures and all corners of the world. It was truly spectacular.

His wonderful portraits of Neil Young and Jerry Garcia are featured on the covers of the new special collectors editions of Rolling Stone. William Coupon is an amazing portrait photographer.

Coupon’s first exhibition was held at Govinda Gallery in the Spring of 2005. His photographs are available through Govinda Gallery. Coupon is also available for private portrait commissions.


Davis-CouponMiles Davis, New York City 1987. This image was used on the invitation card for Coupon’s Govinda Gallery exhibition. Copyright © William Coupon. All Rights Reserved.

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Scott Smith, Tom Waits, and The Heart of Saturday Night

by Chris Murray on September 23, 2014  |  2 Comments »

tom waits scott smith govinda galleryPhotograph of Tom Waits on the back cover of his 1974 album, “The Heart of Saturday Night” by Scott Smith. Copyright © Scott Smith. All Rights Reserved.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the release of Tom Waits’ album The Heart of Saturday Night . Time flies. Photographer and historian Scott Smith took this photograph of Waits at a Los Angeles newsstand that was used on the back cover of that classic recording. Scott Smith’s extraordinary photos of Tom Waits are available through Govinda Gallery. Smith’s first exhibition of his Tom Waits photos will be held at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Los Angeles next spring.

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Richard Lewis’ Bundle of Nerves

by Chris Murray on September 15, 2014  |  4 Comments »


Comedian, actor, and author Richard Lewis just released last week his new DVD box set “Bundle of Nerves”. Ronnie Wood’s portrait of Richard Lewis is featured on the cover of the box set. We love Ronnie Wood here at Govinda and it was our great pleasure to host his first-ever exhibition in the United States in 1987.

I went to see Lewis’ sold-out performance at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York this past weekend. It was brilliant. The New York Times on Friday highlighted Lewis’ show and wrote “This renowned comedian, often considered an heir to Lenny Bruce, is a master of long-form storytelling who turns his endless neurotic energy into brilliant comedy.”

Lewis is releasing this spring his much-anticipated book Reflections From Hell, with drawings by artist extraordinaire Carl Titolo. Reflections From Hell is being published by powerHouse Books and includes a preface by Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray.

RLNYC From left to right: Richard Lewis, Chris Murray, powerHouse Managing Editor Will Luckman, and artist Carl Titolo backstage at Caroline’s. Copyright © Carlotta Hester. All Rights Reserved.

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Howard Finster Honors the Star-Spangled Banner

by Chris Murray on September 15, 2014  |  1 Comment »

Howard FInster Govinda GalleryOh Say Can You See, 1992. Copyright © Govinda Gallery. All Rights Reserved.

Yesterday, 200 years ago, Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner”. We present here the great American folk artist Howard Finster’s tribute to Key’s enduring poem. Published by Govinda Gallery as a limited edition hand-pulled serigraph and signed by Finster, this wonderful tribute to the stars and stripes was part of Finster’s “American Flag Paintings” exhibition at Govinda Gallery in the spring of 1992.

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The Strypes Rock the 9:30 Club

by Chris Murray on August 21, 2014  |  20 Comments »

photo 4Govinda Gallery Director Chris Murray with the members of The Strypes. From left to right: Peter O’Hanlon (bass), Ross Farrelly (vocals/harmonica), Chris Murray, Evan Walsh (drums), Josh McLorey (guitar/vocals)). Copyright © Anna Jacoby. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday night Irish rock band The Strypes played their first gig in Washington, D.C. at the 9:30 Club. They rocked the house with their fast-paced and dynamic show. Their recent appearance on the David Letterman show, a feature story in Rolling Stone, and Elton John signing them to his management company Rocket Music, testifies to this cool young band’s talent. I have a special affection for The Strypes as they hail from County Cavan, Ireland, where my grandfather was born and where I spend my summers. If you’re in New York catch their gig at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on August 23 before they return to London to record their second album.

verticalsideLeft: Strypes drummer Evan Walsh performing at 930 Club. Right: Guitarist Josh McLorey with journalist and author Leslie Cockburn backstage. Copyright © Anna Jacoby. All Rights Reserved.

photo 2The Strypes at the 930 Club. Copyright © Alessandra Beggiato. All Rights Reserved.

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