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Kids Get In the Groove with Jack White, Donovan, Jerry Garcia, Nina Simone, Carol King, and more

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Yesterday the Washington Post published a story about parents looking for “cool music” for their kids to listen to. Jack White’s Third Man Records recently collaborated with the imprint Light In the Attic and released “This Record Belongs To______” which comes with a record player built for children. Ben Swank at Third Man Records said “The reaction was so immediate and positive to the record player that we’ve already needed to do a reorder on them.” Matt Sullivan, who runs the Light in the Attic imprint, is quoted in the story saying “Why can’t kids have a real musical experience? Why can’t kids listen to Vashti Bunyon or Donovan? Good music is good music.” Donovan’s song The Mandolin Man and his Secret is featured in the compilation.
Donovan is traveling to Washington, D.C. soon for his Sapphograph exhibition at the Center for Hellenic Studies from December 12, 2015-March 31, 2016 and for a poetry reading with the poets Fabiana Avila and George Wallace on December 12. He will also be performing at Hamilton Live on December 14 celebrating his 50 years in music and song.

Sappho's Drum © Donovan Sappho’s Drum

Donovan’s Sapphographs are available through Govinda Gallery

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It was 20 years ago today… Stuart Sutcliffe, Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voorman, Jurgen Vollmer, and The Beatles

by Chris Murray on November 13, 2015  |  3 Comments »

Kirchherr and Stuart Sutcliffe © Astrid KirchherrAstrid Kirchherr and Stuart Sutcliffe. Self-portrait © Astrid Kirchherr

It was 20 years ago today that Govinda Gallery hosted the first exhibition of former Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe’s paintings and drawings in the United States. Sutcliffe was with the Beatles in Hamburg, Germany during their formative years in the early 60s, during which time they developed their identity transforming from the 50s rockers look with Elvis Presley haircuts to the “mop top” look they became known for. It was their friends in Hamburg, Klaus Voorman, Astrid Kirchherr, and Jurgen Vollmer who influenced them in many ways including Jurgen Vollmer giving John and Paul their first Beatles haircut. Stuart, an extraordinarily talented artist, died tragically of a brain aneurism in Hamburg at the age of 21 in 1961.

stusutcliffeHamburg, Mixed media on paper, © Stuart Sutcliffe.

This summer I visited my dear friends Jurgen and Astrid in Hamburg along with Gibson Kemp who was in the Merseyside band Paddy, Klaus, & Gibson. Astrid and Jurgen had the first exhibitions of their photographs at Govinda Gallery. Klaus Voorman’s extraordinary artwork was also exhibited at Govinda Gallery. Voorman’s art is well known, especially form his black and white drawing on the cover of The Beatles album Revolver.
tumblr_lzkmhtMfbL1r5cmgfo1_500“Elvis McCartney” © Klaus Voorman.

Richard Harrington at The Washington Post wrote a terrific feature story on Stuart Sutcliffe’s exhibition which opened on November 16, 1995. That story is presented here in full.astridhamburgdays
Govinda Gallery represented the estate of Stuart Sutcliffe for several years. His work was also featured in the legendary exhibition Hamburg Days at Govinda Gallery, which was also a launch for the limited edition book of the same name from Genesis Publications.

Here are several photos of Astrid Kirchherr, Gibson Kemp, and Jurgen Vollmer taken this past August in Hamburg. If you find yourself in Hamburg be sure to visit Kemp’s English Pub and say hello to Gibson and his wife Tina.

IMG_0266Gibson Kemp at Kemp’s English Pub in Hamburg. © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_0279‘Gibbo’ enjoying Ted Russell’s book of photographs Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 (Rizzoli). © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_0314Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray with Jurgen Vollmer at the Botanical Garden in Hamburg. Jurgen is also enjoying a copy of Ted Russell’s book of early photos of Dylan. © Carlotta Hester.
IMG_0335Jurgen and Chris © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_0325Carlotta Hester and Jurgen Vollmer. © Chris Murray

John Lennon © Jurgen VollmerJohn Lennon, Doorway in Hamburg. The cover of Lennon’s album Rock and Roll © Jurgen Vollmer

IMG_0394Old friends… Astrid Kirchherr and Chris Murray. © Carlotta Hester.

IMG_0396Astrid and Chris. © Carlotta Hester.

astrid1John, George, and Stuart at HH Fair in Hamburg. © Astrid Kirchherr

IMG_0402Photographer Kai Uwe Franz, archivist and studio manager for Astrid Kirchherr, with his wife photo editor extraordinaire Julia Franz. © Carlotta Hester.

Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voorman, Jurgen Vollmer, and Stuart Sutcliffe’s work is available at Govinda Gallery.

From Bass to Brush
Stuart Sutcliffe’s Other Passion on Display

By Richard Harrington
November 5, 1995

tumblr_lyv58zMRKn1qhnkvco1_500Last year, the film “Backbeat” told the tragic and not widely known story of Stuart Sutcliffe, the young Liverpool painter who was the Beatles’ original bassist before leaving in 1960 and choosing art over music. Sutcliffe never saw the Beatles rise to the iconic status we are all familiar with: He died in April 1962 of a massive brain hemorrhage at age 21.

“Backbeat” told several stories: of the Beatles’ origins, influences and search for an original sound in the bars of Hamburg, Germany; of the deep friendship between Sutcliffe and John Lennon (a year behind him at the Liverpool College of Art); of Sutcliffe’s conflicted creative instincts; and particularly of the rich relationship he shared with German photographer Astrid Kirchherr.

What the film didn’t, and perhaps couldn’t, show was the actual art that so consumed Sutcliffe. That will finally be on display in “Stuart Sutcliffe: Paintings and Works on Paper” at Govinda Gallery in Georgetown now through Jan. 20.

It is the first major exhibition of Sutcliffe’s work, which ranges from a lively impressionistic pub portrait to abstract expressionist canvases. The paintings are quite good—and there’s the rub, according to his younger sister, Pauline Sutcliffe, who will fly over for the opening. Recognition for her brother’s art has always faced two hurdles: his early death and fame by association.

“Despite all the modern work we see today, the art Establishment is as traditional and reactionary as it ever was,” Pauline Sutcliffe says, noting that “part of [its] position is that an artist of 21 going on 22 cannot possibly, no matter if there are real flashes of talent, be regarded as a mature artist.”

As for the Beatles connection, it “has both opened and slammed doors,” she says, with some critics suggesting that it was only that link that made the work interesting. “For years and years, we were trying to cast that [connection] aside,” Sutcliffe says. Now, she adds, “we realize that it is a fact of life that add another piece of fascination for many people.”

Sutcliffe is also author, with Kay Williams, of “Stuart: The Life and Art of Stuart Sutcliffe,” a hand-bound, limited edition biography forthcoming from Genesis Publications that includes color plates, private photos and personal letters, and a facsimile reproduction of an entire sketchbook of Hamburg.

“Well before Stuart went to art school, he was a young man who painted and drew all the time,” Sutcliffe recalled from her London home last weekend. Music, she says, was part of the mix as well, and when Sutcliffe first met Lennon in the fall of 1957 at Liverpool College of Art, they shared a passion for American R&B and rock-and-roll, as well as for stylish fashion, beat poetry and existential attitudinizing.

Sutcliffe, however, was clearly the more gifted artist, as evident in his sketches and the large oil on board titled “Ye Cracke.” On display at Govinda, it is one of the earliest Sutcliffe works, a Van Gogh-style group portrait of denizens of a small student hangout near the college. Sutcliffe was only 17 when he finished it, but one can sense considerable talent and a flair in its vivid colors and lines.

In 1958 Sutcliffe actually sold a painting and, after being persuaded by Lennon and Paul McCartney to buy a Hohner President electric bass, joined their fledgling band, the Quarry Men. Thus began a combination of art and music that would consume Sutcliffe’s energies and upset some of his teachers, who believed that a potentially brilliant artist was being lured away from his true gift.

Ironically, it was the Beatles’ journey to Hamburg that refocused Sutcliffe on his art (in truth, he was never much of a musician). The Govinda show includes a number of large paintings done there (only a dozen or so remain). His work had clearly evolved and the canvases (often a deep, dark color) are quite dramatic and highly worked in terms of texture. As “Backbeat” suggested, Sutcliffe expended a lot of physical energy when he painted.

The bulk of the show consists of works on paper representing a variety of approaches after Sutcliffe abandoned realism, including collages that showed the influence of abstract expressionists in America (Rothko, de Kooning) and their European influences (Braque, Picasso). Some works show a Zenlike approach to brush strokes, with classic black calligraphy over newsprint.

While the Beatles connection had some attraction (he wrote home that “people refer to me as the James Dean of Hamburg… I’m flattered”). Sutcliffe became increasingly focused on his art. In another letter, he wrote: “When I have something to give I will give it. …When I have something to say I will say it in paint, in stone or anything my soul touches.”

Unfortunately, he became increasingly ill. His sister’s biography includes a remarkable sampling of letters Sutcliffe sent to his mother and sisters and to friends back in Liverpool and elsewhere that reflect on his experiences as a Beatle, his desire to return to the world of art and his deepening love for Kirchherr. As the letters became more disjointed, they reflect a deteriorating spirit and physical condition, the cause of which was not identified despite numerous medical tests and examinations.

Two years after Stuart Sutcliffe’s death, there was a memorial exhibition of his work at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery, and three years later it was included in an exhibition at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts.

By then his mother, Millie Sutcliffe, had begun a crusade for increased public recognition of his art that lasted until her death in 1983. These days that responsibility has fallen to sister Pauline, who acted as art adviser to “Backbeat.”

“I certainly don’t do it with the same intensity as Mother did, because I am a professional working woman,” says Sutcliffe, a family psychotherapist. Her mother was “stimulated in her quest by the very keen interest of John Willet, the director of the Walker Art Gallery, who did pronounce the work certainly of significance and ability.

“…That gave her the impetus to believe beyond simply a mother’s adoration for her boy.”

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Peter Guralnick’s Monumental Biography of Sam Phillips Just Published

by Chris Murray on October 20, 2015  |  1 Comment »


Peter Guralnick’s much-anticipated biography, Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll (Little Brown), has just been published.

Guralnick’s contribution to the history of American music is inestimable and his biography of Sam Phillips is the latest masterwork in Guralnick’s catalog of books.

It was Peter Guralnick’s award-winning biography of Elvis Presley, Last Train to Memphis, that brought me to Alfred Wertheimer’s remarkable photographs of Elvis Presley in 1956. Wertheimer’s beautiful photograph “First Arrival” of 21-year-old Presley playing gospel music alone at the piano in New York City graces the cover of Guralnick’s biography of Presley.

Peter Guralnick will be discussing his biography of Sam Phillips in New York City on Monday, November 23 at Strand Books and in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, December 2 at the Library of Congress. I’m going to both events.

November 23 at The Strand
December 2 at The Library of Congress
Elvis Presley © Alfred WertheimerCopyright © Estate of Alfred Wertheimer.

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U.S. Post Office honors Elvis and Alfred Wertheimer

by Chris Murray on October 9, 2015  |  1 Comment »

I was knocked out when I walked into my local post office and saw a stack of the post office’s magazine USA Philatelic with Alfred Wertheimer’s photos of Elvis at 21 on the cover! Several more of Alfred’s photos are used in the magazine and in the Forever Elvis Collection limited edition folio of stamps on the back cover. What a great honor for Elvis and for Alfred.

Billy Joe Royal, who recorded the hit record Down in the Boondocks, passed away last week. In the New York Times obituary they quoted Billy Joe saying, “When Elvis made it so big, all of us southern boys thought maybe we had a shot, too.” Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs document that time in 1956 when Elvis made it so big.

Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer
, Telfair Museum, Savannah, GA, April 22-October 2, 2016

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John Lennon Happy 75th Birthday

by Chris Murray on October 8, 2015  |  Leave a Comment »

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Japanese kimonos during the filming of the "Starting Over" video to promote their new album, "Double Fantasy"
John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Japanese kimonos during the filming of the "Staring Over" video to promote their new album, "Double Fantasy"New York City, November 1980. Copyright © Allan Tannenbaum.

“These are the most beautiful and sensitive photographs of John and Yoko that I have ever seen”- Donovan

From Allan Tannenbaum’s book John & Yoko: A New York Love Story (Insight Editions). Allan Tannenbaum’s photographs are available through Govinda Gallery.

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Muhammad Ali 20 Years Ago Today at Govinda Gallery

by Chris Murray on September 20, 2015  |  6 Comments »

img001Muhammad Ali and David Murray greeting each other with gallery director Chris Murray looking on. September 21, 1995 Copyright © Govinda Gallery Archive. All Rights Reserved.
5993745_origMalcolm X walking the streets of Harlem with Muhammad Ali, 1963 Copyright © Howard Bingham. All Rights Reserved.
IMG_4554Muhammad Ali with his two boxing heroes Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Lewis, Los Angeles 1962 Copyright Howard Bingham..

It was twenty years ago today that Muhammad Ali came to Govinda Gallery to launch his best friend Howard Bingham’s photography exhibition. That exhibition, Muhammad Ali: A Thirty-Year Journey, was also the 20th anniversary celebration for Govinda Gallery, which was established in 1975. Though Govinda Gallery was fortunate to experience so many extraordinary highlights, I would have to say as gallery director that Muhammad Ali’s visit to Govinda was for me the single most exciting night at a Govinda Gallery event. Everyone was blown away to meet the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. He was the most charismatic, magnanimous, and fun-loving person to grace Govinda Gallery. And Howard Bingham’s photographs were amazing. Here are a couple of pictures from that evening including a shot of Howard Bingham’s inscription to gallery director Chris Murray in his book, Muhammad Ali: A Thirty-Year Journey, along with Muhammad Ali’s signature. It was a great honor to take Ali and Howard Bingham to dinner at Jimmy Bank’s Hibiscus Cafe on K St. after the opening.

tumblr_lurumnH4ZX1qdol0io1_1280Lewiston, Maine 1965 after knocking out Sonny Liston. Copyright © Howard Bingham. All Rights Reserved.
aliMuhammad Ali performing a magic trick for the Govinda Girls Copyright © Govinda Gallery Archive. All Rights Reserved.
aliChris Murray assisting Muhammad Ali with his jacket while Howard Bingham looks on. Copyright © Govinda Gallery Archive. All Rights Reserved.

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Savannah, GA, and Alfred Wertheimer’s Photographs of Elvis Presley

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Taschen-Elvis-teaser-page-15 Copyright © Alfred Wertheimer. All Rights Reserved.

It was five years ago tomorrow that Alfred Wertheimer’s exhibition of his photos of Elvis Presley opened at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Cleveland loved the exhibition and the RRHF made a tasteful line of merchandise to accompany the show. I was invited to give a talk and slideshow at the museum about Wertheimer’s photographs of Elvis. Everyone had a great time.

TelfairImage1Wertheimer’s Elvis at 21 exhibition will open in March 2016 at the beautiful Telfair Museum in historic Savannah, GA. We are looking forward to that exhibition. Wertheimer’s extraordinary book Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll has just been released by Taschen. It is a monumental publication of Wertheimer’s photographs of Presley in 1956.

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Son House and Dick Waterman in the New York Times

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Rochester, New York is about to have a “four-day blues binge” as reported in the New York Times Tuesday, with blues legend Son House as a central component of the celebration. Here is that story which also features Dick Waterman, who re-discovered Son House and went on to manage him. Waterman had his first major exhibition of his blues photos at Govinda Gallery which were featured in his book Between Midnight and Day: The Last Unpublished Blues Archive, edited by Govinda Gallery director Chris Murray and with essays by Bonnie Raitt and Peter Guralnick.



Son House, 1964 Copyright © Dick Waterman. All Rights Reserved.

The Man From Rochester, by Way of Mississippi

By Eric Grode

A sign about eight miles east of this city’s storied Corn Hill neighborhood points out a historical landmark, the rail yard where the blues musician Son House worked as a porter in the 1940s. The vowel in House’s nickname (he was born Eddie) is an odd size, rising about a half inch above the letters on either side. An explanation of sorts can be seen in the abrupt curvature at the top of the first O: The original sign misspelled his name as “SUN,” and the U was rounded off after the fact.

More care will presumably be taken with the Mississippi Blues Trail marker that will be unveiled Friday in this city, where House, who influenced musicians from Robert Johnson to Bonnie Raitt to Jack White, lived for 23 years. The unveiling falls in the middle of a four-day blues binge, Journey to the Son, sponsored by the Geva Theater here, which will feature concerts, academic papers, reminiscences, guitar workshops and a reading of the play “Revival: The Resurrection of Son House,” by Keith Glover (“Thunder Knocking on the Door”).

“This is the guy who taught Robert Johnson, who taught Muddy Waters,” said Skip Greer, Geva’s artist in residence and the coordinator of the festival. “If you dig back, that’s what you dig back to.”

In “Revival,” which Geva commissioned, Mr. Glover digs all the way back to the Middle Passage, placing House’s life in the context of the African diaspora that resulted from the triangular trade route in which millions of Africans were sent to the New World. In the play, House (portrayed by the Tony Award-winning Cleavant Derricks) explains that the “first music I heard was the blues, and I hated it.”

On one level, Mr. Glover, who has supplemented House’s material with his own music and lyrics, as well as with several spirituals, can understand.

“I used to hang with August Wilson, and he would play Tampa Red, Charley Patton, Big Bill Broonzy,” Mr. Glover said during an interview in the Geva’s lobby cafe, referring to several of House’s predecessors and peers. “I couldn’t get to it. Listening to Son for this piece made me realize that I just wasn’t ready.”

One curious aspect of the rediscovered attention to the years House spent in Rochester — only a handful of these Blues Trail markers can be found above the Mason-Dixon line — is that most of those years were silent. House, who began preaching at 15, grappled with the sometimes twinned, more often antagonistic, callings of his music and his God. He started out shunning secular music, then discovered the blues and folded his preaching style into his guitar, then abandoned music altogether shortly after performing for Alan Lomax’s Library of Congress field recordings.

This conflict played out in the actions of House, a paid pastor who had also killed at least one man. “It’s an imperfect vessel that they find,” Mr. Glover said, before pointing to a spot just outside the Geva lobby where House once passed out drunk during a Rochester winter and nearly lost his fingers to frostbite.

It wasn’t until 1964, more than 30 years after House had last recorded any material commercially, that three young blues aficionados tracked him down — House, then in his early 60s, didn’t even own a guitar at the time — at his Grieg Street home.

They had been searching unsuccessfully in the Deep South.

“We were three Jews in a yellow Volkswagen with New York plates, and we didn’t feel too welcome in Mississippi,” said one of those men, Dick Waterman, who will appear at the Geva festivities. “The day we found out he was living in Rochester was the day those three Freedom Riders were killed. We were in Rochester two days later.”

House’s rediscovery coincided with the 1960s revival of folk blues, of which he knew nothing until Mr. Waterman — who soon became his manager — and the other two young men told him. “They would literally go up to Son’s house and yell at the window,” Mr. Greer said.

Within a few years, House was making up for lost time, playing major jazz festivals around the world and recording far more material than he ever did in the 1930s and ’40s. “And when he went onstage, he bled onstage,” Mr. Glover said. “You saw what it took out of him.”

Lovely A. Warren, the mayor of Rochester, will officially dedicate the Blues Trail marker on the corner of Grieg and Clarissa Streets, an area with particular significance for her. “My grandparents came up from Charleston, S.C., the same time that Son House was being rediscovered,” Ms. Warren said. “I grew up listening to them listening to this music. It was the music of their time and their era.”

The second act of House’s career ended in 1984, when his alcoholism became too severe. He died in 1988. “Revival” doesn’t shy away from the less savory aspects of his life; the character based on Mr. Waterman compares managing House to “babysitting a bouncing chain saw.”

But the Journey to the Son festival, while looking backward via such topics as “The Role of Mississippi in the Blues,” will also illustrate the staying power of House’s music in Rochester and far beyond.

Mr. Glover and Billy Thompson wrote a new score for “Revival,” which they and other musicians will perform live during Geva’s staged reading.

The title character’s music, however, remains untouched. “Son doesn’t need our help,” Mr. Glover said.

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New Dylan Book Featured in Anglo-Celt Story

by Chris Murray on August 25, 2015  |  1 Comment »


© Ted Russell

© Ted Russell

Bringing it all back home

By Damian McCarney

Corduroy cap perched on his head, smoldering cigarette in hand, a youthful, toothy Bob Dylan sits at a marble top table sporting a row of harmonicas smiles up from the cover of a hardback book.

It’s from a collection of black and white stills of Dylan taken by Ted Russell from 1961-64, and never before published. Dylan had only recently ditched his birth name Robert Zimmerman and set off from Hibbing, Minnesota, to try his hand at folk singing in New York City and emulate his hero Woody Guthrie. Albums and world fame weren’t far away, but by no means inevitable.

Asked which photo was his favorite, the book’s co-author Chris Murray commences a leisurely scramble through pages, a snatch of commentary in his half-whispered speech accompanies each momentary pause: “This is a lovely photo”- flick – flick – “One of the typewriter ones” – flick – “The contact sheets are great” – flick – “I like this one a lot, he’s sort of baby faced”.

Sitting in a plush tea-room in the Radisson Farnham, Chris’s enthusiasm for these photos hasn’t dimmed in the few years since he answered the phone to Ted Russell, an elderly gent now, but once a freelance photojournalist who regularly took shots for the likes of Life magazine.

Ted had been impressed by a collection of photos by Alfred Wertheimer of Elvis at 21, which Chris had published, and invited him to peruse his unpublished shots of fresh-faced Dylan. The 8’’ x 10’’ prints and negatives featured four different shoot, including a show at the legendary folk venue Gerde’s where Dylan made his name.

Another session captured Dylan and his first love Suze Rotolo settling into their new apartment. Suze would later share the cover of Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album, nestled into Dylan’s side for warmth as they strolled carefree down a snowy New York street.

“I see this,” Chris recalls in a reverential hushed tone, and shifting the book around. “I see Bob with the record player, ‘Jesus’. Then I see him at the typewriter and I go, “My God’. And then I see him coming out of the basement of Gerde’s and I’m going, ‘This is history. This is it’. And I know all the Dylan photos because not only am I into championing the genre, I love Bob Dylan more than anyone so I felt like I had discovered hidden gold; the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.”

Given the cultural colossus that Dylan would become it’s astonishing the photos should remain unpublished, but at the time Dylan was—aside from one glowing review in the New York Times—still largely unknown.

Back in ’61 Ted Russell made the mistake of playing some of Dylan’s demos which would feature in his debut album to the magazine editors when pitching the idea of a photo essay on the struggles of an up-and-coming folk singer trying to make it.

“They thought they were on the wrong speed,” Chris laughs. “They said, ‘Well we like these photos but this guy’s never going to make it, he sounds like a hillbilly!’”

Ted—a jazz aficionado with no interest in folk—shelved the pics and got on with building an illustrious photographic career, which included eight years as cover editor for Newsweek magazine.

bob dylan govinda gallery ted russell rizzoli
Roll on half a century or more and Chris, owner of Govinda Gallery in Washington, D.C., is the go-to man for exhibiting and publishing photos of musical icons. The foundation stone of this reputation was laid when he hosted Annie Leibovitz’s first exhibition of photos in the early 1980s. At that show Chris wisely bought Annie’s famous photo of a naked John Lennon in an almost fetal position wrapped around a passive Yoko Ono. “She [Annie} said, ‘You know John was murdered the day I took that photo’.

“And he was. So I had an epiphany, not only was it a good photo but it was an important photo, and I bought it. I silently said to myself on the spot. I’m going to champion other significant photos like this, particularly of musicians. Rock photography in 1983-84, there was no genre known as rock photography; it was a bastard genre at best. There wasn’t a curator, there wasn’t a gallery, there wasn’t a museum who was showing it or giving it any respect.”

Chris was compelled to find other photographers—those behind the album covers, which had so mesmerized him. As a result, Govinda Gallery has hosted exhibitions and published photobooks depicting everyone from the King to the Boss.

Russell shunned flashes when capturing these candid moments of manish boy Bob finding his feet, instead shooting only in available light. Therefore Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 features images of varying quality, but for Dylan’s fans it’s all gold. After the Celt insists he’s only permitted to choose one favourite, Chris further deliberates.

“I love this photo for a number of reasons,” he says finally settling his mind. “First of all it captures the intimate scenario of Bob before he’s famous at his first apartment, just relaxed as anyone would have been in those days, playing a record. I love it because of the record player. You see Bob learned a lot of material from listening to vinyl… I identify with this old turntable, I can see the sparkly kind of fabric they used to have, and I like the fact that Bob is listening to a record, perhaps learning a song—that’s what this era was about. It’s about a folk musician who’s transforming the genre.

“Bob became such an important persona that every photographer did eventually photograph him, from Richard Avedon to Andy Warhol but here you see him at the start, at the genesis. I love it as an intimate document of America’s greatest songwriter of our time—there’s no question about it.”

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Amazing “Session” Last Night in County Kerry, Ireland

by Chris Murray on July 11, 2015  |  3 Comments »

IMG_8840.JPGMusician Willie Hillard, O’Connor’s Pub, Cloghane. Copyright © Carlotta Hester. All Rights Reserved.

Donovan writes in his foreword to the recently published book of Ted Russell’s photographs of Bob Dylan in New York City during the early 60s that “It’s all about that great Celtic journey,” in describing the influence of ballads and music from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, on American folk and country music.

Last night in O’Connor’s, a classic watering hole and guesthouse in the village of Cloghane in County Kerry, Ireland, evidence of Donovan’s statement was in full display at a “session” of musicians, singers, and dancers. Daniel O’Donnell, one of Irelands most popular singers, was in attendance along with a variety of traditional Irish musicians from the area. There was magic in the air and a good time was had by all.

Thanks to Micheal O’Dowd of O’Connor’s for his hospitality.

IMG_8868.JPGFrom left to right: Niall Moynihan on accordion, Majella and Daniel O’Donnell vocals, and John Staunton (guitar), O’Connors Pub, Cloghane. Copyright © Carlotta Hester. All Rights Reserved.
FullSizeRender.jpg88-year-old Irish singer and local legend Frank Maunsell, Cloghane, Co. Kerry. Copyright © Carlotta Hester. All Rights Reserved.

© Ted RussellBob Dylan performing at Gerde’s Folk City, New York 1961. © Ted Russell

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