Eric Burdon and The Animals at Montgomery College

by Chris Murray on February 20, 2017

Eric Burdon Eric Burdon, 1970. © Barrie Wentzell.

I was excited to hear that Eric Burdon and The Animals are performing in the area at the Parilla Performing Arts Center on Monday, March 6th. My high school band The Malibooz covered all of The Animals’ great songs during the British Invasion. Burdon was my biggest influence as the singer in my band. He is one of the greatest rock & roll blues vocalists of all time.

It was 50 years ago this year that Eric re-invented the band as Eric Burdon and The Animals. He dedicated their first album, Winds of Change, to George Harrison, whose interest in Krishna consciousness following a visit to India the previous year Burdon cited as an inspiration.

The back cover of Eric Burdon and The Animals album Winds of Change. The back cover of Eric Burdon and The Animals album Winds of Change.

I last saw Eric Burdon and The Animals perform in Amsterdam at the Paradiso in the summer 2013. It was an awesome concert, and here is a link from the Back Room to a post about that show. It will be exciting to see Eric Burdon and The Animals at Montgomery College.

Eric Burdon Eric Burdon. © Marianna Burdon.

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      Hi Chris…Thanks for all the mail..I didnt get back to you in months,,My mother in law was very ill since last Nov and passed away a month ago..very sad times for all the family,We had her months mind mass last Sun with all the family home.. a good day for all.I saw Eric Burden in Leeds in 1966 with the Animals..always loved of the great white blues singers of all other blues man is Chris Farlowe..saw him in Leeds a few times..The Trad session is still going in Blessings.THe Strypes new album will be out in May…check it out..Please keep in touch..Love to all.

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